ISOL Center For Consciousness Studies

The aim of ISOL Center for Consciousness Studies is to conduct and encourage the studies on consciousness in the light of Hindu Tantra System and Transcendentalism with a focus on Yantra, Tantra, Mantra and Meditation. The Center will initiate researches on the classical scriptures and living spiritual traditions of India as mentioned in Tantra Shastras.

The Background

The Tantras flourished in three zones of India, which stand wide apart in distance from each other: Kashmir, Kerala and Gauda. From ancient times Bengal is predominantly a Tantrika zone where we find very little of the Vedic culture and influence. At the same time the Tantrika pattern of Bengal was also unique and distinct from those of Kashmir and Kerala. The philosophical aspect of the Tantras dominates in Kashmir and the practical in Bengal while in the south we have some philosophical thinking which is dualistic in contrast with the non-dualistic thinking of Kashmir

The Tantras present a path that has features consisting of four complete purities:
a. The complete purity of enlightenment,
b. The complete purity of the body,
c. The complete purity of the resources, and
d. The complete purity of activities.

ISOL Center for Consciousness Studies is dedicated to study scientifically the impact of Mantra and Yantra on creating energy at workplace through the traditional techniques as described in Tantra Shastras.