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The recent incidences of corporate fraud and greed that resulted in economic burst of 2008 and triggered one of the worst economic recessions worldwide in decades has forced us to take a fresh look at both the current management programs and prevailing business practices. The long list of failed corporate giants and banks caught in these scams and the magnitude of their mismanagement for profit maximization with complete disregard to well beings of their employees and common shareholders tells us that something is seriously missing or has gotten lost in this race to economic prosperity. That brings us to the core of this problem a total lack of conscience or moral bankruptcy. There is an urgent and dire need to address these issues to create a morally healthy business environment for sustainable individual, social and economic growth.

One of the ways to search the alternative paradigms in management and leadership is going back to our roots ancient Indian culture and traditions. Ethics and values have guided the Indian economy and business since ancient times. With the large-scale destruction of the native systems in the eighteenth century, and the failure to recognize and revive them after independence, ethics and noble values ceased to guide the economic and business systems.

ISOL Research Foundation is committed to carry out researches on ancient Indian wisdom traditions and integrate it with modern management practices for organizational excellence and employee wellbeing.
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